Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Money Making Techniques of the Drug Makers!

The erectile dysfunction drugs apart from churning out great benefits and relief to all the men suffering from the curse of erectile dysfunction, are also earning great profits, name and fame for their makers. Today there are quite a few ED drugs available in the market. All of them had an extensive and well planned publicity strategy behind them. So much so that the first ED drug to be invented has today become a household name.

A lot of hard work, money and years of research go into the production of a drug. The process was even harder in case of the erectile dysfunction drugs. Since the start of the human civilization, men have always bore the brunt of what we commonly know as impotence. There was nothing convincing that could rescue men from the grip of this deadly disease. Because of the characteristics of this disease, men were also ashamed of admitting that they are actually suffering from it. So bringing the people out of the shell was a big task in itself because a person would sort a cure for a disease only if he admits that he has the disease. Bringing the people out of the cocoon was a real big task.

The way in which the drugs were to be publicized was a matter of great contemplation. The amount of research and time that the makers of the ED treatments took was very much in tune with what they took while producing the drugs. After all, everything depended on the publicity. Without a proper promotion all the efforts would go wasted!

As the invention of the ED cure involved a lot of money and talent, the medical giants involved left no stone unturned to lure people towards their drugs. The makers targeted the financially affluent sections of the society only. Another factor behind making the financially stable class as customers was that, more often than not these people have a good educational acumen which is a necessity in order to make people understand and talk about their erectile problems. Erectile dysfunction is a disease that is very wrongly interpreted. It is seen less as a disease and more as a handicap, a source of shame, humiliation, and disrespect. Only education can discard such thinking and the rich could also buy their highly priced drugs. Hence judging all the pros and cons of the disease, the richer section of the society fitted the ideal customer group.

Apart from publicity, target group, and sales these ED drug makers try all possible ways to hike up their sales. For example, the ED drug Cialis was introduced in the market by a joint venture of the drug companies Ely Lily and Icos. ED hit men were just required to Buy Cialis online after the attainment of Cialis prescription, and the drug would be shipped right to their threshold. It is legally not allowed to buy Cialis without medical prescription as there is rampant Cialis abuse. A short time after Cialis Online was introduced in the market, it became an instant hit. After the merger all the profits that Cialis brought in went into the buffers of the newly christened company Lilly Icos. Sometime back Ely Lily bought its partner Icos. Therefore it can be safely concluded that after all public service is not the sole intention of the ED drug makers!

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